Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SHRA Introduces Paralegals Amidst Meningitis Epidemic

Sudan Human Rights Association today officially introduced the first of its Paralegals to the Sudanese refugee community in West Nile, Uganda. This happened in Madi Okollo settlement in Arua District. The Paralegals have been mandated by SHRA after receiving a full-package training in topics such as Human Rights, Conflict Management, Psycho-social issues and Refugee Law. The Paralegals are already active in assisting their fellow community members and the implementing agencies in the settlements on these matters.

SHRA continues the introduction of Paralegals for another week. The gatherings have, however, been scaled-down due to the raging meningitis epidemic in West Nile and Adjumani. According to the Ugandan newspaper, The Monitor, more than 2,300 cases have been recorded - leading to more than 100 people so far dead from the airborne disease.
The picture shows two Paralegals attending todays ceremony in Madi Okollo.

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