Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SHRA Partner Launches Democracy Focus

For the past few years SHRA has partnered up with MS-Uganda, a worldwide Danish NGO. In particular, MS-Uganda supports SHRA in training Paralegals in Northern Uganda and South Sudan.

Last weekend MS launched its new worldwide focus on democracy. This happened during the Annual Meeting in Jinja, Uganda, which saw the presence of 140 delegates from all 35 MS partners in Uganda.

Arguably, there is not much new in the "new" focus since MS has promoted democracy and good governance for many years. Still, it is a serious attempt to mainstream democracy in a more conscious way in all MS activities around the world. The new criteria will also be used to assess present and potential partners - not only in terms of what they do, but also in terms of how they govern themselves. In SHRA, we look forward to this challenge.

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